Longshed and The King's River

The Longshed is a covered space for community use. It is over 30 metres in length, hence its name. When seen from the front doors, to the right is a large working space and to the left there is further space with a mezzanine floor above it. Steps ascend from a front entrance door of the shed to give access to the mezzanine floor. At the back of the mezzanine there are two offices. One is for site management and one is a staff common room. At the front of the mezzanine is a Heritage Resource area that will be used for community education activities.












 Early concept sketch. The front door is to the right, rear door to the left.                  Right: Empty mezzanine looking towards the rear of the building.

The total space available within the the Longshed is a flexible space for various community activities. The very first communtiy activity on the site combined music and dance in a specially commissioned production entitled The King's River. Local people and schoolchildren combined with professionals to celebrate the story of the ship burial and our maritime links with the river.

Below: Another concept sketch with offices and access stairs.                           Below: Artist's impression of Heritage Resource Centre space on mezzanine

When the buildings were handed to the Town Council the Woodbridge Riverside Trust  began the process of fitting out the Longshed for community use. This process occupied much of 2018. In October 2018 a group known as The Ship's Company began the process of organising the full-size reconstruction of the Sutton Hoo ship in the Longshed.

       An actual photograph of the interior looking from the rear towards the front.                  An artist's impression looking from the front towards the rear.


More pictures of the drawing of the ship FULL SIZE attached to the buildings.

Many thanks are due to the sponsorship of our local Drain Doctor Plumbing that made this possible.
















The Kings River production ran in July 2017.


Composer. Jana Rowland
Librettists. Sylvia Fairley and Dominic Shea
Director. Andrew Tidmarsh
Musical Director. Andrew Leach
Designer. Claire Lyth
Choreographer. Caroline Mummery
Production Manager. Rosie Hoare
Stage Manager. Silki Morrison

"The King's River" was a newly composed community musical theatre led by professionals in 2 parts, both relating to the story of the discovery of the Sutton Hoo burial ship and the treasure.

The composer was Jana Rowland and the librettists Sylvia Fairley and Dominic Shea.

"The King's River" was written specially to celebrate the opening of the development and the new community space and Longshed after more than 20 years of inactivity.

To produce The King's River the space in front of the Longshed was surfaced and tiered seating was installed. There were designated areas for musicians, lighting, sound and changing areas for the actors. The Woodbridge Riverside Trust has retained the many wonderful costumes which have been displayed, at later dates, for the interest of visitors.